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“Paint me a picture”

  Oh journalism, journalism, journalism you've done it again... The lecture this week discussed the way media frames different events, fake news and once again, memes. It got me thinking about the most popular event that happened this weekend, the Royal Wedding. Talked about all over the world, especially in countries that were part of… Continue reading “Paint me a picture”

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Top 10 Travel Tips: From Mother to Daughter

Having travelled from the young age of 6 months, my mum was always with me in foreign lands, and I would not be the person I am today without her... So, here are several tips and tricks I've been taught from the beautiful intrepid traveller and free spirit, my mum! Happy Mother's Day and Allons-y...… Continue reading Top 10 Travel Tips: From Mother to Daughter

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This week's university lecture addressed the problem of open and closed sources, alongside the complexities of hardware. We now have the ability to create our own software and hardware in our homes, allowing information to be created and shared through an open source. Clearly, as technology advances it makes it easier to use hardware at… Continue reading OUR FUTURE: DESTRUCTION OR CREATION???

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Transmedia, travel and the Trevi Fountain

After watching a lecture discussing transmedia storytelling this week I started think about how I can use this method to get more of my content out into the world. The best example of an excellent execution of transmedia storytelling that I could currently think of was the Marvel Universe, where they have created a multitude of stories that overlap… Continue reading Transmedia, travel and the Trevi Fountain

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Memes: the new form of propaganda

I was fairly sceptical of memetic warfare when I first heard of it a few weeks ago. However, after investigating some of the claims made concerning the impact memes can have on society and politics, I have reason to believe that meme warfare does in fact exist. You may not know what memetic warfare is and… Continue reading Memes: the new form of propaganda