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Memes: the new form of propaganda

I was fairly sceptical of memetic warfare when I first heard of it a few weeks ago. However, after investigating some of the claims made concerning the impact memes can have on society and politics, I have reason to believe that meme warfare does in fact exist. You may not know what memetic warfare is and… Continue reading Memes: the new form of propaganda

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The death of journalism

Journalism as we know it is dying. The old legacy news media model must change if journalism stands a chance at surviving in the age of social media. The traditional model for making/distributing journalism is still used by publishers today and it is having a detrimental impact on the profession. The role of a publisher… Continue reading The death of journalism

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New Year, New Holiday to Plan

NYE Trends Over the past few years the phrase "New Year, New Me" has grown exponentially across the globe. Along with this trend of changing yourself for the New Year has also got an equally as popular counterpart. While some write down their resolutions for the year ahead others like to "keep it real", stating… Continue reading New Year, New Holiday to Plan