It Seems That The Tail Will Always Wag the Dog…

Will Fake News Push the Media Towards a More Honest Future?

The outcry against fake news reveals the media’s total manipulation of society, yet it may push the media forward into a revised era of honesty and morality.

Let us hope that media outlets and journalists are realising, through the repercussions of false news, that integrity and credibility are still the most important aspects of reporting a successful and trustworthy story. Reinforcing ethical ideals in the profession and rebuilding one’s media credibility may take a while, however, I believe it is something that will become an essential part of the media if they wish to be taken seriously again.

wag the dog


The Media Controls Everything…

Overall, the media has and perhaps always will be a crucial part of society and how people perceive society. Without the media the world would be as isolated as before the printing press was invented because learning about local, national and international events is a crucial part of human connection. The film Wag the Dog by Barry Levinson (1997), highlights the media’s reality in a witty and sensational way. The media is what controls and steers our society. The film depicts the media to have a political agenda as it manipulates the public. The idea of the media controlling the public perception of famous figures (i.e. Trump) is relevant today as stories sometimes use altered facts to fit their agenda. Whilst there are articles proving that the media portrays Trump in a negative light using ‘alternative facts’ there are also news stories created by Trump supporters (or conservatives) that use said ‘alternative facts’.

Agendas Are Everywhere

seasme st.png
Educational Kids TV or Pollution?

All media outlets have an agenda. Broadcasting is sectioned into two: Private and Public. The
private sector of the media (i.e. Channel 9) is controlled by a minority of society, of whom are usually conservative and wealthy. The other side of broadcasting is the public sector, funded by the government, of who usually carry a more leftist agenda (i.e. SBS). This highlights the importance of both private and public sectors of the media. The media would be incredibly dull and perhaps rather biased if public broadcasting funding was to be cut as proposed by Trump for 2018.

Society should understand that the media truly does dictate your perception of the world, no matter their agenda, unless you think critically and with an open mind.

And while personalities like Trump believe that they can control the media, despite a strong sense of free speech in Western society, there is no denying that it is the media who is ‘wagging the dog’.



3 thoughts on “It Seems That The Tail Will Always Wag the Dog…

  1. Keira! You’ve raised insightful points in this post about the power the media (and owners) posses in society. To expand on your ideas, I think that we are emerging into a period where we recognise media issues exist, yet many of us are passive consumers of the media that is disseminated to us, when we should really be actively critical. I like how you’ve acknowledged that although the media can be a vehicle to fulfil political agendas, it has allowed us to be more connected globally. This has prompted me to consider how the media is a double edged sword, and if we don’t find a way for it to have a peaceful, balanced existence within society, then we may be destined for chaos. The subheadings in your post make it a breeze to read. If you were to incorporate more of a variety of media in your post I think it would give it that little extra personalisation, but overall you’re doing great!


  2. Hi Keira, I totally agree with you on the advice that we should think critically and keep an open mind to fight against the manipulation of the media over our perception of the world. I enjoyed reading your post, it was so easy to follow as you divided it into smaller sections, and this also made your key points really stand out. The embedded images made the post visually appealing, although I feel that the “Educational Kids TV or Pollution?” one could be talked more about since it is a great example of how problematic “mediating” media content can be, and can potentially open up some discussion on ethical issues as well. I also suggest consulting scholarly readings to solidify your point about the Public and Private sectors – some definitions from journal articles suffice. However, I got so hooked in by the catchy title, it is absolutely a valuable touch to your post!

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