The Top 5 Benefits of Shopping Fair Trade…

So what is Fair Trade? Simply put, it is a trading partnership that is based on respect, equity and communication that pushes for an international trading environment of equality.

While some may argue that shopping Fair Trade is too expensive and too difficult to do there are many reasons as to why everyone should make the effort. Shopping ethically not only aids the workers, who are fairly treated and paid, but also helps communities, the environment, human connection and you! I have chosen the top 5 benefits of buying Fair Trade as listed below:

1. Value for Money

To put more value into what you wear or how you’re spending your money you should shop Fair Trade. Businesses such as Ethik and The Interior Trading Co. work with communities in developing countries to ensure a fairer working environment. Their items ARE affordable as they last longer making what you pay for more valuable as you not only support an important cause but also receive excellent quality.

2. Quality over Quantity

Hand made products can almost always assure the buyer that the quality will be excellent as a lot of time and precise skill is put into each item. Whilst items made by hand usually come in a lower quantity it allows you to enjoy long-lasting high quality items, rather than replacing poorly made pieces frequently that would actually prove to be more costly in the long run.

3. A Cleaner Environment

Fair Trade items often have a lesser impact on the environment and in a time where biodiversity is shrinking and the devastating impacts of climate change is looming this is an important factor. By buying Fair Trade you support sustainable practices that minimise our environmental footprint whether it be through recycling materials or using eco-friendly farming practices.

4. Your Food Tastes Better

As the farmers involved are paid and treated properly they become invested in the products they produce. As Fair Trade crops are grown and harvested in smaller quantities the food you receive is fresher, tastier and some could say made with more love.

5. You Support a Cause that Matters

By buying Fair Trade you not only receive high quality products but you also allow people, mostly in developing countries, to live a happier and healthier life. By having the power to benefit the lives of those who craft and grow your products you can make the world that little bit better item by item.

I urge all readers to take the time to find ethically produced items when shopping or to read the Baptist World Aid 2016 Fashion Report to see how businesses in Australia such as General Pants Co. are exploiting this industry before committing to buy from them. Buying Fair Trade is a small gesture with a massive positive impact on society and I hope you will consider taking this step forward with me towards a less corrupt future!

The Interior Trading Co. Founder with the weaving women on the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia…

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